Junior Guard students promoted

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Congratulations to 37 Junior Guard members who were honored during a promotion ceremony Dec. 5. Instructor SGM Tim Anderson told the students and parents that a promotion is not just an honor, it’s a responsibility and an expectation to uphold in the future. Three of these students are already enlisted in military and several more plan to sign up in upcoming weeks.

Attention to orders:

As a result of superior academic abilities, physical fitness, and leadership abilities, the Oldham County Junior Guard Program has reposed special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, fidelity, and abilities of the following Junior Guardsman. In view of these qualities and their demonstrated potential for increased responsibility, the following students are, therefore, promoted in the Oldham County Junior Guard Program to the rank indicated effective Dec. 5

Level I

C/PFC Tyler Wise

CIPFC Charles


C/PFC Corey Jackson

CIPFC Joshua Ely

C/PFC Kasey Wernert

CIPFC Garett Kulp

C/PFC Justin Bums

C/PFC Jacob Brown

C/CPL Sean Dunn

(being promoted

twice due to excep

tional performance)

C/PFC Ian Fullerton

C/PFC Shaun Cartee

C/PFC Johanna


C/PFC Nick


C/PFC Nick Straughn

Level II

C/CPL Robby


C/CPL Joshua


C/CPL Christian


C/CPL Zachary Taylor

CISGT .Tude Wells

C/SSG Kyle Smith

(being promoted twice

due to exceptional


C/SGT Tyler Smith

C/CPL Dylan Maynard

C/CPL Alexander


C/SGT Rylan Tisch

C/CPL Reece Pace

C/CPL Nick Ashely

C/CPL Cody Valentine

C/CPL Cody Turner

C/CPL Stuart Gray

C/SGT Jared Helms

C/SGT Andrew Smith

C/CPL Cavien Moore

Level III

C/SGM Zechariah

Rumsey (being pro

moted twice due to

exceptional perfor


C/MSG Brittany


C/SFC Cody Gover

C/SFC Zach Case

C/SFC Austin Rowland

C =Cadet

PFC = Private First


CPL = Corporal

SGT = Sergeant

SSG= Staff Sergeant

SFC = Sergeant First


MSG = Master


SGM = Sergeant


Example: C/CPL =

Cadet Corporal

-- Submitted Information