Jumbo Buffet owner sentenced for employing 10 illegal aliens

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By The Staff

The owner of Jumbo Buffet, formerly in La Grange, will be incarcerated for employing illegal workers. 

Fei Guo Tang, 38, 2603 Sunningdale Place, La Grange, is sentenced to eight months in prison, and three years supervised release following incarceration. 

Tang previously pleaded guilty to knowingly employing at least 10 illegal workers at his restaurant, the Jumbo Buffet, 1218 Market St., La Grange, from November 2006 to November 2007. Federal agents arrested Tang Nov. 14, 2007 while executing a search warrant. 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement seized about $59,000 from the restaurant, which will be forfeited to the United States, and detained six illegal aliens found working at the restaurant.

Those six individuals have since been deported.

Tang is not a U.S. citizen and he will be subject to deportation proceedings.