Judge to decide if DNA test necessary in Evridge case

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By Jacquelyn Stoess Hack

Prosecutors say four hairs found at the scene of a double-fatal shooting could yield details about the day a Westport man claims two sisters attacked him with a knife.

Ronald T. “Ronnie” Evridge, 58, faces two murder charges and one count tampering with physical evidence for the Dec. 2011 fatal shooting of a pregnant woman and her sister.

Evridge claims he shot Heather Faulkerson, 21, and Sandy Allen, 24, after they attacked him with a knife at his residence on 18-Mile Creek Road in Westport on Dec. 18, 2011, according to records filed in Oldham circuit court.

Prosecutors have filed a motion to test four hairs found at the scene. However, officials at the Kentucky State Police crime lab advise that DNA tests will destroy the hairs.

Circuit Judge Karen Conrad has not yet ruled whether she will allow DNA testing of the hair. Evidence may only be tested with a judge’s order.

Conrad heard arguments from prosecutors and Evridge’s attorney, Rob Riley, on Monday about the need for DNA testing.

Riley has argued that Evridge was simply “standing his ground” when he shot Allen and Fulkerson at his residence, a two-story barn located in an area known as Covington Ridge.

Evridge claims the women tried to rob him, and he suffered knife wounds during an altercation. Court records show that Evridge’s injuries required surgery.

Evridge claims the two women had befriended him to exploit him for money.

According to court records, Allen allegedly attacked Evridge with a knife while her sister, Faulkerson, attempted to shoot him.

Evridge claims they were feuding over credit cards and cash, according to court documents.

Police found Faulkerson deceased with a weapon in her hand at the scene. Investigators found gunshot residue on the hands of both women, according to court documents.

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