A journey of awareness

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By John Foster

A group of Native Americans camped in Westport Friday in the middle of a 680-mile – or 12,000-year – journey, depending on how you look at it.


The group is canoeing the Ohio River along the entire Kentucky border from West Virginia to Missouri. They’re doing it to teach people about the history of Native Americans in Kentucky.

Many people think of Native Americans as living in the west, not realizing they’re also native to Kentucky, traveler Jerry “Two Feather”  Thornton said.

“We’ve been here 12,000 years,” he said, “and we like it so much we’re gonna stay.” 

About halfway along the month-long journey, Thornton said things have been more difficult than imagined. 

Heavy fog has delayed the trip as have strong winds blowing upstream and lapping water over the side of his canoe.

“It’ll build you up or kill ya, one of them,” he said.