How well do you know Ky.?

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By The Staff

How well do you know the state of Kentucky?

Maybe you can name the county seat of Clark, but do you know who scored the first field goal for University of Kentucky basketball coach Adolph Rupp? Maybe not. Try your hand and the questions below. 


1. Who served as governor of Kentucky between 1959 and 1963?

2. Name the Ashland natives who recorded “Girls Night Out” and “Why Not Me,” top-ranked single and album during 1985 on the country charts.

3. Who scored the first field goal for UK’s legendary basketball coach Adolph Rupp?

4. Who was the famed high school coach who went on to become a color analyst for University of Louisville basketball?

5. Name the county seat of Clark County.

6. What are the two time zones in Kentucky?

7. What U.S. president lived in the house dubbed “Springfield” between 1785 and 1808?

8. Who wrote  “World Enough and Time”?

9. Who discovered Mammoth Cave in 1799 while tracking a wounded bear?

10. Who is the former Eastern Kentucky University baseball player who made his debut with the Atlanta Braves in 2008?

11. Name the U.S. Secretary of State under Presidents Harrison, Tyler, Taylor and Fillmore honored with the naming of a western Kentucky county.

12. Name the Harlan native who was the executive assistant of the NCAA and coordinator of the media, promotions, and communications for the Final Four.


1. Bert Combs. His widow, Sara, now chief justice of the Kentucky Court of Appeals, says her husband’s love for his state ran deep. He is buried in his native Clay County.

2. The Judds.

3. Anderson County native Forrest “Aggie” Sale. While being interviewed at his home in Harrodsburg in the early 1980s, Sale revealed Rupp had once said he was the greatest player he ever coached. Sale played his high school ball at Kavanaugh in Lawrenceburg, where he later coached. He was also the coach at Harrodsburg High a number of years.

4. Jock Sutherland. The always colorful Lafayette High coach guided the Generals to a state tournament title. Once, while coaching in Gallatin County early in his career, Sutherland left the bench to protest a foul and stormed onto the court. A referee informed him there would be a technical given for every step it took him to return to the bench. Jock took care of that by summoning two managers who carried him back to the bench.

5. Winchester.

6. Eastern and Central.

7. Zachary Taylor.

8. Robert Penn Warren.

9. Robert Houchins.

10. Josh Anderson. The native of Eubank in Pulaski County was formerly with the Houston Astros organization. He hit back-to-back home runs in 2008 while playing against his old team.

11. Daniel Webster.

12. Dave Cawood.