How well do you know the Bluegrass state?

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By Don White

1.  What kind of vegetable is sometimes referred to as “music roots” in Southern Kentucky?

2.  Where was golfer Gary Player’s first American tour victory?

3.  Who was the first Kentucky governor directly elected by popular vote?

4.  In what city is the oldest continuously operating bank in Kentucky located?

5.  What natural resource with recreational value does Kentucky rank second only to Alaska in?

6.  Who was the first Catholic priest to live in Kentucky?

7.  What distinction does Breathitt County hold from an achievement in World War 1, the only U.S. county to do so?

8.  Who was the Kentucky-born U.S. Attorney General who was present at Abraham Lincoln’s death bed?

9.  Name the Western Kentucky University football player who co-captained the 1963 Tangerine Bowl champions, and was later an assistant with the Washington Redskins.

10.  Name the lady who has the distinction of being the mother, sister, daughter, and cousin of Kentucky governors.

11.  Name a professional tennis star from Murray, Ky.

12.  What was the first periodical ever sold in Kentucky?

13.  Who was the first black judge in Kentucky?

14.  Where was the first nail factory in America located?

15.  What former University of Kentucky student became Secretary of the Army, President of Indiana University, and President of West Virginia University?

16.  Name the Lexington native who won a Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1976.

17.  What girls/ school closed in 1939 after 114 continuous years of operation?

18.  Name the UK All-American basketball player who played professional baseball in the late 1960s.

19.  Who is Harvey Yeary from Middlesboro?

20.  Who was Kentucky’s first native-born governor?


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Tucky Trivia is written by Don Whitre, former editor at several newspapers in Kentucky and now a columnist published throughout the state. You may reach him at www.thekytraveler.com











1.  Sweet potatoes

2.  1958 Kentucky Derby Open

3.  James Garrard

4.  Maysville

5.  Running white water

6.  Father Stephen Theodore Badin

7.  Provided so many volunteers, the draft was never placed in operation.

8.  James Speed

9.  Joe Bugel

10.  Julia Wickliffe Beckham

11.  Mel Purcell.

12.  The Farmer’s Almanac

13.  Nathaniel R. Harper

14.  Lexington

15.  Dr. Elvis Stahr

16.  William Liscomb

17.  Science Hill School for Girls in Shelbyville.

18.  Cotton Nash

19.  TV star Lee Majors The Six Million Dollar Man. 

20.  James Morehead