Goshen man arrested for elaborate marijuana operation

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By The Staff

Allegations of child abuse prompted Oldham County Police to visit a Goshen residence Monday night, where they arrested a homeowner for his elaborate marijuana growing operation in the basement.

According to OCPD, Oldham County Child Protective Services officials received a complaint indicating a Goshen girl disclosed her mother allegedly hit her and her mother’s boyfriend spent a lot of time in the basement hanging his “tobacco” to dry. Police visited the child’s residence in the 1200 block of Nightingale Lane Monday to follow up on the complaint. Police didn’t receive an answer after ringing the doorbell, and as officers opened a glass door to knock on the front door, they detected a strong marijuana odor seeping from the residence.

Police said they again knocked on the door, but received no answer. Police later returned to the residence with a search warrant, and found three men and a female juvenile in the home.

After speaking with the child’s mother and CPS, police determined the child abuse allegations are unfounded.

The search warrant revealed what police call an elaborate marijuana growing operation including fertilizers, growth mediums, grow lights, PH meters, carbon dioxide generator, watering tubes, timer switches for lights, power converters, seedling heat mats, marijuana grinders, baggies, pipes, rolling machines and rolling papers.

Police found five mature marijuana plants hanging to dry in addition to a large amount of loose and bagged marijuana. Police also seized a 1997 Toyota passenger car.

The homeowner, Adam R. Guenther, 36, 1200 block of Nightingale Lane, Goshen, is charged with cultivating marijuana five or more plants, trafficking in marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.