Finding the time to work out is the big trick

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By The Staff

Whew-wee! I sure do have a lot on my plate.

I just can’t find the time to exercise. Ever heard that? Ever thought that? Me too.

The last week was one of those weeks. Along with the big ice and snow event that rocked all of our worlds, I’m immersed in full time ministry (I am truly thankful that God allows me to do what I do), I am a student doing graduate work at Southern Seminary, I have a wonderful wife who deserves my utmost commitment, (she is also a gift from God), I write for a top notch news publication in Oldham County, (did you see all the awards they earned?), and oh yes, I am training for a marathon that is now only five months away. Who can find the time for all of this? 

The answer is – sometimes we just can’t. The key is not to stress over it. I have gone four days now with no training activity. That may not seem like a long time to you, but it does to me. I did squeeze in a jog on the treadmill at the nuclear lab in the Jewish Hospital doctors’ building Wednesday, but that was a routine test to see if my heart’s plumbing is doing what it’s supposed to do. Twelve and a half minutes with wires hanging off you and a guy injecting your blood mixed with radioactive isotopes into your arm while running up a hill on a treadmill just doesn’t impress me as the right kind of work-out strategy. 

The point is to keep at it. Don’t let what seems like an overwhelming series of events in your life keep you from staying with improving your health. Many of you have some huge things in your life weighing you down.

The pastor in me wants to appeal to you to release those things to almighty God. He can handle them you know, but I won’t preach on that right now. Improving your physical health will do wonders in helping you improve your overall attitude toward taking life on. 



Now that I think about it, I’m writing this pep talk to myself. Sure I missed four days of training, sure the marathon is lurking around the corner, sure I’ve got too much to do, but you know what? On June 21, in Anchorage, Alaska the Mayor’s Marathon will take place. I’m gonna be there, and if at all possible, I’m going to run each mile thinking of someone I love, and for those that you nominate to keep me inspired with their stories.

Motivation. There are days when I really have to work to find it. I’m going to ask you to help. I read an article the other day that suggested that a good idea to keep one going during a marathon is to run the 26 miles for 26 people. I thought that was pretty cool. 

So, I am reserving 5.2 miles for my family. (My wife gets 1.2 miles for putting up with me for 30 years – I’ll be running her 1.2 miles early in the event, so it will still be during the fun part – not the gut wrenching part at the end).

That leaves 20 more miles and 20 more people for whom I can put one foot in front of the other.

Here’s how you can help. Nominate someone that you think would be a great person to inspire me and keep my motivation up. No, you cannot nominate yourself. No, I will not run for any local or national politicians.

Try to keep it reserved to Oldham Countians. I want you to send me 50 words or so about people here in Oldham County with stories that will inspire me to run for them. Send your nominations to mark@crestwoodbaptist.org or snail mail them to M. Brockman, P.O. Box 70, Crestwood, Ky., 40014.

Are you with me?

The views expressed in this column are those of the writer.