FCA hosts Fields of Faith event at South Oldham

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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes hosted its annual Fields of Faith event on Oct. 17.
The event attracts nearly 100 students and their parents every year from the different schools in the county.
Many students and parents return annually to enrich their faith, while others are attracted by the prospect of starting a path to Christianity.
The evening’s main speaker, former University of Louisville wide receiver Scott Long, had plenty to tell Oldham County’s attendees.
“I had it in my head but not in my heart,” Long said in his testimony. “It missed my heart by miles. I lived a lie.”
Long said, like many athletes can say, sports began to become an idol.
“It began to become a god to me,” he said. “It’s all I thought about, all I cared about, all I talked about. If  I ever did pray to God, it was about him helping me in sports. You know, ‘God, please help me catch this ball.’”
A major wake-up call for Long took place in 2006 when he was arrested. He talked about his rebound, and what made him into the man he is today.
“I finally realized that my actions can get me in trouble,” he said. “What God did was in his grace, he sent a man into my life. A guy who worked on staff with FCA, a guy who loved Jesus and cared about other people knowing Jesus. What happened is this guy used to come around, he used to encourage me, he used to serve. I can remember that this guy used to start off every FCA chapel with, ‘I want to love and serve people in such a way that they might see the love of Jesus in me.’ I thought, ‘Man, that’s different. He’s sipping on a different kind of Kool-Aid than I’m drinking. That guy’s got something inside of him that’s totally different, and I wanted some of it. I wanted to listen to what he had to say’.”
Scott Long made an obvious imprint on many of the attendee’s hearts, showing the true difference that just one person can have that can change a whole life.This is one of the FCA’s many accomplishments.
Long and his humor made an impression on Saint Xavier student Harry Jenkins, who has attended many FCA-sponsored events.
“Long’s testimony was really wonderful,” Jenkins said. “It really opened my eyes and I can easily connect to it, coming from a major athlete. I really liked the Kool-Aid analogy.”
If interested in FCA-sponsored events in the community, visit FCALOU.org.


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