A family Christmas tradition

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Over three years ago, my family found itself in a strange situation. In the middle of selling our old house, and buying a new one, we had to take a lease on an apartment in Crestwood. It was a three month lease, which we had to take out twice and the concept of home completely changed for me. Home truly is where your family is, but there is something about having a space that’s yours. “Floating” as we were between houses felt so uncomfortable. Everything had to stay boxed until both deals were closed and we could settle into our new home. I learned what the phrase “living out of a box” really meant. 

When we closed on our new home in October, I embraced it with open arms, flaws and all. The colors on the wall didn’t matter. The awkward basement bathroom with the peeling wall paper - I loved it. It was mine! The first Christmas here, we decided that we would put together a gingerbread house for our family photo. The meaning of Home had deepened for us and we wanted to share it with our loved ones. 

Ever since, every year, we make a gingerbread house. We put it together, decorate it, shoot our family photo, and then we eat it. It is a delightful process that reminds us that a home is not merely bought but made by every member of the family. Everything that we do either helps or hurts and we want to create a place where each member feels nourished, protected, guided, encouraged and has the room to dream. We have to make it ours. We have to own it, not only with our finances, but with our heart.

   Already, the kids are asking about the gingerbread house. It is a tradition that we love because it brings us together and we can look back on where we›ve been. It is a time where we can have fun together and remember that what really makes a home is the hearts and the hands that stretch out to one another in love. 

Merry Christmas from the Mosley’s!

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