False enrollment charges continue for Lyndon dad

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By Tracy Harris

A grand jury indicted one parent charged with falsely enrolling his son in Oldham County Schools last month.

Charles Lauron, 51, is charged with owing the school district about $26,000 after enrolling his son in Oldham County Schools for eight years, despite living in Lyndon.

Lauron’s co-defendant, Donna Claggett, has been cleared of any wrong-doing.

Dan Orman, assistant superintendent for student services, said reports of false enrollment have tapered off in recent months. No new investigations have been opened since about mid-January, he said.

A flurry of investigations took place from September through November, with a total of 59 families being investigated, including 86 kids. Of those, school officials resolved 55 families’ cases, accounting for 79 of the students.

Orman said the remainder do not have enough proof to settle the investigation either way, but officials will continue to check periodically. 

A case against Cheryl McGuire is still open. A judge found probable cause to send the case to a grand jury in November. According to court records, McGuire owes the school district $4,135.

When parents are charged with theft by deception for false enrollment, the school district calculates the cost at $18.63 per day based on the amount of local taxes lost. Orman said he believes the registration system has checks and balances in place now to prevent false enrollment.

Most importantly, he said, students are now attending schools closer to their actual homes and don’t have to lie about where they live.