Extra innings

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By John Foster

After one year of glory, how long have your cleats sat in the closet longing for another chance on the field? Now there’s a way to get some good out of those remnants from seasons past.

Six girls from Girl Scout Troup 1454 are collecting used sporting goods to give away to families who need a new basketball, hockey stick or pair of cleats. They’ve collected more than 100 items since this spring,  they’ve inflated balls, sprayed deodorizer in the shoes and are almost ready to it all away.

There are more than a dozen baseball mitts, more than 30 basketballs, close to 100 pairs of cleats, a field hockey stick and a batting tee to choose from among multiple other items.

From 1 to 4 p.m. Aug. 9, all the equipment will be laid out at Briar Hill Park for the taking. Before then, the best place to drop off a donation is at the Crestwood Baptist Church gym office.

Four girls — Brianna McColl, April Fowler, Cody Ensinger and Miranda Hileman — have dedicated more than 40 hours in pursuit of their silver award, the second highest honor in Girl Scouts.

April Fowler said it’s sad that some kids can’t play sports because they don’t have the money.

“We’re trying to stop that,” she said.