Evridge takes lesser plea to avoid murder trial

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By Taylor Riley


A man accused of murdering two Oldham County women has taken a plea deal to avoid trial.

Ronald T. Evridge, 60, was charged with two counts of murder and tampering with evidence resulting from an altercation at his home in December 2011.

Evridge had previously claimed he shot and killed two sisters — Heather Faulkerson, 21, and Sandy Allen, 24, both of Louisville — only after they attacked him with a knife at his north Oldham farm on 18-Mile Creek Road, according to records filed in Oldham Circuit Court.

He was originally scheduled to stand trial in May, before a delay with a witness pushed the trial back to June 16.

But on Friday, Evridge took an Alford plea to two counts of reckless homicide and one count of wanton endangerment to avoid a 14-day trial. All three are class D felonies.

An Alford plea is technically a guilty plea, but the defendant maintains their innocence while admitting the prosecution has enough evidence to possibly convict them.

Evridge was released from jail later Friday to begin serving seven months of house arrest. After serving that time, he will be placed on probation, according to the plea agreement.

As part of his probation, Circuit Court Judge Karen Conrad read the conditions Friday morning saying that during his probation Evridge, nor any member of his family or anyone he comes in contact with, should not possess any weaponry or ammunition on their person or in their vehicles. Any violation would send Evridge back to prison, where he would likely serve 15 years.

Displeased by the probation conditions during the hearing, Evridge threw down his headphones, used to hear the judge speaking, and angrily said he would like to go to trial. His reasoning was that he didn’t “trust” the judicial system with mandating the conditions of his parole that were “out of his control.”

After consultation by both the judge and his counsel, Evridge chose to go on with the plea agreement.

Evridge was also told to restitute approximately $11,450 to a guardianship account for the three minors of the two victims.

The sentencing hearing for Evridge is scheduled for July 3 at 1 p.m.

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