Enjoy the spring with a run

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By Mark Brockman

 Yep, it’s spring alright. Warm golden sunlight, jade green grass, fluorescent green leaves, electric blue sky with spotless white clouds.

Ahh the beauty as I traverse the rolling hills of Oldham County on foot. Oh, and then there’s the occasional squashed squirrel, caterpillars squishing under my shoes, a list of rodents in various states of “run over,” too numerous to describe – and yikes! – a flock of buzzards swooping down apparently right at me. Nah, I guess I don’t look poor enough when I run for a buzzard to try and feed on. The big ugly birds were feasting on a deer carcass that I had discovered a couple of days ago in the ditch along a road I run quite often. I’ve learned that some sharp hand claps will get those buzzards heading away from me when I run under them.  So, does that last paragraph inspire you to get up from the supper table and run. It should. Hey, admit it, you sit on the couch and watch “animals eatin’ animals channel” all the time. Does that burn any calories? Haven’t you thought to yourself as you’ve sat and watched those nature shows that you’d love to “be there.” I’ve got to tell you that’s one of the things that keeps me going. In the snow, in the rain, and into the absolute splendor of spring.  On  another early morning tempo run just a few days ago afforded a new adventure on which I experienced two deer running parallel to me while six geese flew over as the sun had just broken over the horizon while the mist above the dewy grass glowed bright orange with sunrays stabbing through.  I’m not making this stuff up. What you’ve read in these paragraphs happened this April, in Oldham County.  May 22 launches the Oldham County Grand Slam of running into full throttle for the summer. That’s the date of the Roman Road 5K at Crestwood Baptist Church, the first leg of the Grand Slam, a four-race series here in the Oldham County. Sign up now at OCGrandSlam.com. In the mean time, get out there and run and uh, watch out for the buzzards. You can do it.   The views expressed in this column are those of the writer.