Encouraging county to lead the state in another category: voter turnout

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By Kenny Colston

Five days from now, registered voters in this county will have a chance to exercise one of their most important rights, the right to vote.

And every year about this time, newspapers across the county feature editorials, columns, etc., preaching on why you should go vote. You can probably count this column as one of those as well.

But in a county like Oldham, consistently ranked as one of the most wealthy, most healthy and best educated, voting should be a foregone conclusion.

Sadly, it’s not. Turnout isn’t in the 90s, because no county in Kentucky has that type of turnout. Not even in the 70s. Which is sad, but no different that places all across the U.S.

But my words aren’t likely to inspire you to get up and vote. This isn’t four score and seven years ago, or asking what I can do for my country, instead of what my country can do for me (or insert famous U.S. president speech here).

I will encourage you to do your research and head to the polls on Tuesday. Earlier this week, you should have received what we call the Oldham Era Extra. We mail it out to everyone in the county, whether you subscribe or not, and this time we made our extra edition a voter’s guide.

It covers practically every race in this primary, which is important, since as a Republican-dominated county, a primary is pretty much all we’ve got on that level.

One thing you won’t find in it is endorsements from this newspaper. You won’t find it in this issue of the Era either.

The editorial staff just didn’t feel it was right to tell you, the voter, who to vote for this year. We’re trusting you will do the research and figure it out yourself, hopefully with a little help from our coverage and election guide.

And you’ll notice we’re not printing any letters to the editor in support or against any particular opponent this week either. While everyone in politics would love to have the last word, we also didn’t think it was fair to not give anyone a chance to respond. Since we publish every Thursday, this is our last pre-primary issue and a response published post-primary wouldn’t do much good, would it?

But back to the original point: if you don’t go exercise your right to vote on Tuesday, you have no one to blame (or complain about) except yourself.

Oldham County leads Kentucky in so many aspects. What if it decided to lead in voter turnout and civic engagement as well?

That’s quite a thought, isn’t it?