Duplexes approved on Ky. 22 in Crestwood

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Homes are planned between Williamsgate, Pete Coons’ Body Shop

By John Foster

Planners approved a development of 11 duplexes on Ky. 22 in Crestwood Monday and granted the appropriate zone change for multi-family housing.

The development will span 7.19 acres with two entrances off Ky. 22 about 500 feet apart. One entrance, in curve, will only allow right turns in from Crestwood and right turns out toward Jefferson County. The target market for the homes will be adults over the age of 55, attorney Barry Baxter said, and they will sell for $275,000 to $400,000.

In arguing for the zoning change Baxter said the development is a good transition from the commercial property of Pete Coons — Body Shop and Service, and Williamsgate


The Oldham County Planning and Zoning Commission approved the zone change and a variance that would allow for about half the buffer zone necessary between one of the buildings and an adjacent landowner. The two homes will be spaced about 70 feet apart according to a map of the plan. Baxter testified that the landowner was OK with the variance as long as the building wasn’t in the sight line of his back window. The commission included several binding elements to satisfy neighbor Thien Huong Tran, who bought the land for its quiet, secluded nature. Tran is Buddhist and likes to have a quiet place to practice her religion, she said. The binding elements include provisions for downward directed lighting, evergreen trees between the properties and the assurance that a creek ravine on Tran’s property won’t be disturbed. Commissioner Jan Horton doesn’t like the plan and voted against the variance and zone change. “I think it was poor planning on the drainage, poor planning on the traffic,” he said.

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