Drug take back event a success

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By Kenny Colston

Oldham County’s latest drug take back event netted an estimated 50 pounds of pills from residents.

The Oldham County Sheriff’s Office coordinated the latest take back event, held last Saturday at La Grange Fire Department Station 2 in Buckner.

The event is part of a national drug take back event sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Agency a couple times every year.

The latest event saw a steady stream of people get rid of their unused pills and medicines, including one lady who brought a five-gallon bucket full of pills in, Deputy Dave Schoengart said.

The purposes of the take back events are two-fold, he said. First is to help get pills and medicines out of homes where they can be stolen or abused, and the second is to prevent them from going into landfills or into sewer lines where they are harmful, Schoengart said.

The deputy said he expected to collect at least 50 pounds in old pills, in addition to lotions, creams and liquid medicines.

“When it’s all finished it’ll look like a bag of M & M’s,” Shoengart said.

Tom Hurley dropped off a grocery bag full of old pills, his first time ever using the take back event to dispose of old medicine. Hurley said he’s glad the event takes place.

“Because this is the proper way to recycle (old medicine),” he said. “We’re doing this because we found out it’s dangerous to flush it down the toilet.”

Anne Foye was also a first-time donor on Saturday. She said before hearing of the event, she had trouble disposing of old medications.

“I’ve been trying to find a place to get rid of them and pharmacies won’t take them,” she said. “And I believe they shouldn’t be in the environment.”

In addition to the annual drug take back events, old medications can also be taken to the Sheriff’s Office at any time to be correctly disposed of, Schoengart said.

The time for the next take back has not yet been set.

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