Doghouse fire intentionally set, violates burn ban

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By Tracy Harris

Crews from La Grange Fire and Rescue extinguished a fire June 13 after a large doghouse was set ablaze. 

The doghouse was about four feet by four feet and almost as high in the backyard of a home on Smith Lane. 

Westport Fire Department Chief David Pendleton, who also responded to the scene, said it is another example of people not knowing a burn ban is in effect. 

The homeowner hired a man to take down the large doghouse, which at one time even included an air conditioning window unit. 

The man hired to remove the doghouse told firefighters he thought burning the structure would be a good solution.

Pendleton said the man didn’t know there was a burn ban in effect, so they issued a warning and gave him specifics on the ban.

Open burning is prohibited in Oldham County through Sept. 30.

Oldham County is designated by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency as “non-attainment” air quality for ozone and particulate matter because pollution levels have exceeded those permitted by the Clean Air Act.

Until September, the only open burning activities allowed are:

• Fires set for cooking food for human consumption;

• Fires set for the prevention of a fire hazard; 

• Fires set for recognizable agricultural, silvicultural (forest cultivation) or wildlife management practices;

• Fires set for disposing accidental spills of crude oil, petroleum products or other organic materials if given permission by fiscal court;

• Fires set for recreational or ceremonial purposes.

The complete ordinance can be found at oldhamcounty.net.