District 29 seeds set, South gets No. 1

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By Brad Stephens

South Oldham was upset by North Oldham Monday night, but the Dragons are still in prime position for the upcoming District 29 boys basketball tournament.

South (15-3, 2-1 District 29) will be the No. 1 seed in the tournament, which will be played two weeks from now at North.

OC (18-5, 2-1) will be the second seed, North (11-12, 2-1) will be No. 3 and Trimble County (9-11, 0-3) will be the fourth seed. The winners of the South vs. Trimble and North vs. OC games will advance to the Region 8 tournament.

Because North, OC and South all finished 2-1 in regular season district play, the Courier-Journal’s Litkenhous ratings that were released Monday afternoon were used as a tiebreaker.

South Oldham (91.0) ranked No. 14 in the state and No. 1 in Region 8. OC (83.1) was ranked third in the region. North (72.6) was No. 6.

District coaches decided in a meeting Tuesday that, starting next year, margin of victory against district opponents will replace Litkenhous ratings as the new tiebreaker.