DEAR SANTA: Letters from Liberty Elementary

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Dear Santa,  I want a Barbie Car and a real phone and an i-pod.  And a new doggie named Bolt.  I will leave you some cookies.

Gretchen Nation



Dear Santa,  I would like a tablet and some squinkies.  I hope you can bring me this, it would make me very happy.  Thank you in advance.  

Kaitlyn Pitchford

5th Grade


Dear Santa, I would like all monster things, x-box 360, a kindle fire, and lots and lots of money. I would like my own video games, my own camera, and some new clothes.

Jazzlyn Jumper

3rd Grade


Dear Santa, I want a lego race car track, and some play dough.  I would also like a pizza play dough maker and lego alien and lego robot.  And the new bat cave and a DS with some games.  Please.  I am going to go to bed early on Christmas Eve so you can come early.

Jeremy Pitchford

1st Grade


Dear Santa,  I want a new phone the GalaxyS 2.  I want some earrings and bath balls that fizz in the bath. I want some Amercrombie and Fitch clothes.  Some art supplies and hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works.  Some Reese’s cups.  Some nail polish.  And that’s all.

Hanna White  

5th Grade


Dear Santa, my name is Carl Blanco, and i born in Louisville, ky but i live with my parent at 1920 N Hwy 1694, Goshen,KY, and i really Really want a wee U and my parent can’t buy to me beacuse is too expensive, so i asking a favor to you, do you think you can bring me one? I’m a 7 years old. I will really appreciate you, but if you can not bring me one is ok. Thank you very much and I love you with all my heart. Sincerely Carl.

Carl W. Blanco

2nd Grade


Dear Santa Claus,

How are the Elves doing?  Are they busy making toys?  I bet Mrs. Claus is baking cookies.  Are the reindeer doing well?  I saw “Rise of the Guardians”, it was awesome.  Hope you and the gang are doing well.  I want an American Girl Doll this year.  Her name is Marie-Grace.

Love and Take Care!


5th Grade


Dear Santa,

Is Mrs. Claus still baking lot’s of goodies?  Are the elves working really hard on the toys, and getting lots of warm coco. So here is what I want for Christmas.  I want an American Girl Doll and the name of the doll is Caroline.

Love Always,


 3rd Grade