County’s Drug Take Back a Big Success

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An effort by the Oldham County Sheriff’s Department and the Oldham County Police on October 26th to remove prescription drugs from circulation in Oldham County was a big success.

 In partnership with the DEA, the agencies took in a combined eighty three pounds of unused and expired prescription drugs, pills, liquids and creams. Three hundred used and unused syringes were also turned in.

 I would like to thank the community for the great response, this was our second-best day ever. Getting these unused and expired medications away from the reach of children and adults who are potential abusers is a tremendous help to both the individuals and community at large.

 The items were turned in for disposal at two locations.  The Oldham County Sheriff’s location was at the LaGrange Fire Department station in Buckner, while Oldham County Police accepted materials at their headquarters on Highway 393. Both agencies were participating in National Drug Take Back Day Initiative, sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

 Unfortunately, many teens and young adults report that they are getting high on medications they find in the medicine cabinets in their homes and the homes of relatives. Over sixty Kentuckians are dying each month from prescription overdoses and medical costs are in the millions yearly as a result. Additionally our waterways are polluted daily from these potentially harmful drugs being flushed or improperly discarded.

 Medications not being taken should be disposed of properly. Residents may turn in medications anytime at the Oldham County Police Headquarters where secure receptacles are maintained inside the front door.   

- David Voegele, Judge-Executive of Oldham County