Council questions legality of a Saturday meeting

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By Laura Hagan

 Members of the La Grange City Council and City Attorney Graham Whatley took part in a meeting more than a week ago that some are saying could have been illegal.

“It’s a matter of who you ask (about it),” council member Melanie Woosley said. Woosley said she thinks the meeting should have been announced before March 7 – the day the council members met with Whatley. She also said all council members should have been notified. Whatley said the meeting concerned The Reibel Property, about which he appeared in court March 6. He wanted to meet with council members to determine if they would appeal the court’s decision – in favor of The Reibel Property – and he said, “because this was a complex issue, I wanted to get it into their hands as quick as possible.”  The issue deals with an ordinance, and since Whatley said he’d worked with council member Debbie Pollard – a member of the ordinance committee – on the issue, he wanted to discuss the next step.  “She expressed to me she wanted others present (at Saturday’s meeting) so they heard what she did,” Whatley said. He said he just wanted the council to be informed on the situation, as they had to act on it within a few days. The memo discussed at the meeting has since been e-mailed to council members and made available to the media and  public.  Whatley said from now on he is only going to “do these things in writing.” He plans to provide information to the council and if anyone has a question they can then e-mail him and everyone else can see it as well. “I think it’s vitally important that every member of the council know everything they can to make a decision,” he said.   E-mail us about this story at: lhagan@oldhamera.com