COLUMN: Political correctness allows confused thinking to flourish

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By Tom White, guest columnist

I recently had the opportunity to meet Tony Cotten, the publisher of The Oldham Era.
I objected to two columns he wrote for the Viewpoints section of the paper. Both columns were interpreted by me, as a conservative, to have an extreme liberal bias. I asked to meet with him, and he agreed.
I went with the full intention of letting a liberal have it, but what I found was a pleasant young man who expressed many conservative values.
I explained that because of “The Curious Journal” bias, regular folks who are not unionists, minorities, homosexuals, abortionists, liberals or atheists do not have their side presented in print.
Cotten told me he planned to write a column clarifying his position (published Feb. 17) and asked if I would like to write a column on conservatism.
My goal is to expound upon conservatism not the Republican Party, which has the Tea Party trying to straighten it out.
Evil has been with us since the Garden of Eden but I have seen it’s pervasiveness spread and threaten our country since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
We never had real trouble with Liberals before then – our fathers would shut them down. I come from an older generation and I know that time changes some things but there are some things that are Biblically and morally correct as well as some things that are socially and innately correct.
Some people are born with an innate moral compass, and some develop a true sense of right and wrong, while others search for truth with a sophomoric mind.
The latter group, not knowing right from wrong, decides that what they think should be the truth is the truth, and this becomes their truth. The problem is that political correctness has allowed confused thinking to flourish. Because there are so many issues and attacks on everything that conservatives know is right, true, honest, and absolute, deciding where to start became a problem. I think that I might start with the most important question that I have, and that is, “WHY”?
I understand that the Democratic Party’s objective is an attempt to have a “Big Tent” which represents a compilation of many self-seeking individuals, groups, and their causes. I also understand the power of politics and the reward to those who help a Party gain power.
What I do not understand is why a person who is not gaining power or who is seeing his or her cause advanced along with all the other causes, even those that they might find objectionable or repulsive, wishes to associate themselves with this group. To seek to see your desires fulfilled at the expense of other people, your country, or honor for God is the most hideous example of self-centeredness that I have witnessed and I have to ask, WHY?
I don’t believe that each individual group with a cause believes in or truly supports all beliefs and causes within the Democratic Party but they are like the song by “Lil” Wayne, “Gimme Mine.”
They are also like the school kids who elected a little girl as class president because she promised them all ice cream.
There is more at stake here than your cause or ice cream.
WHY do you continue?
“Unwieldy” is a term used in accounting and other professions dealing in large numbers; it means difficult to handle due to size, and the size of the different desires and causes within the Democratic party make it difficult to handle and they need to be managed.
Liberals are one of the groups that fall under the big tent of the Democratic Party.
The liberal cause is Socialism.
Socialism needs power to succeed. Power needs the support of the majority. Liberals have worked long and hard; they planned, connived, and finagled their way in during the 1950’s, and took control of the Democratic Party in 1968. They now manage and control every aspect of the Democratic Party.
They have control because of the people who keep voting for them, and I have to ask, WHY?
Hitler began as a socialist and we fought Germany in World War II. We fought North Korea in 1950 to keep socialism and communism from spreading. We fought the North Vietnamese in the 1960s for the same reason. We investigated and fought communism in this country under President Kennedy; but now, Democrats think that it is alright that the leaders of their party are apparently socialists.
Again I have to ask WHY?
I have heard people say that they vote for the person not the platform, but people do not join or support an organization that they do not believe in.
Neither do people seek leadership positions in that organization unless they seek to further the ideals of that organization, or are just seeking power. We call the latter people RINOs – Republicans in name only.  
Each party has a platform, an ideology, or stated belief upon which it stands.
Some of the issues in the Democratic party’s platform are a support for and the legality of abortion, same-sex marriage and secular humanism – mankind is his own salvation. The Bible teaches that these things are wrong and sinful.
All have sinned and come short of the glory of God and very few Christians deliberately sin or disobey God. So, perhaps the most baffling thing to me is a Christian that in every single election continues to support and vote for Democrats, thereby voting for things that they were against on Sunday morning.
Please explain to me WHY?

The views expressed in this column are those of the writer. Tom White lives in La Grange. A column posted in response can be viewed here.