Clinic provides for people without health insurance, adequate coverage

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By The Staff

Oldham County’s clinic for people without health insurance was represented at the Second National Congress on the Un and Underinsured in Washington, D.C. Cynthia and Steve Stafford recently attended the three-day conference focused on examining strategies to improve access, cost-effectiveness and quality of local, state and national health systems.

The Staffords received scholarships from the California Healthcare Foundation to attend.

Conference presenters included economists from several Ivy League institutions as well as officials from Massachusetts and California, states where officials are actively addressing healthcare reform.

While vastly different in approach, the generally accepted conclusion is that reform involves three intertwined aspects: universal access, quality improvement and cost containment. Medicare and Medicaid play an important role in the mix. How to reform is where differences in policy, market and state roles occur.

“We listened to many opinions about reform and advocates for specific approaches,” said Steve Stafford, director of operations at The HDB Service Group, Inc. “But, our two-year-old Community Care Clinic needs to address immediate needs and grow according to the local and state mechanisms available to us now.”

Cynthia Stafford, executive director of HDB, said HDB has identified some 9,259 uninsured people in Baptist Hospital Northeast’s area that need care.

“We face the challenge of meeting this need and developing sustainable funding for our free clinic while Kentucky lawmakers decide how the Commonwealth will deal with increased demands for care of the uninsured,” Stafford said.

HDB will host its Gourmet Breakfast Gala fundraiser at 7 a.m. Nov. 21 at La Grange Baptist Church.

Jim Morse, chairman of HDB’s Board of Directors, said the funding goal is to raise enough money to hire a nurse practitioner, at least part-time, allowing the clinic to be open every day.

“Our committed volunteer healthcare professionals have done a marvelous job seeing patients at least once per week since we opened, however, our data indicates that although there will still be a need for volunteer assistance, clinic demands far exceed the hours we could ask a volunteer to donate,” he said.

“This is a challenge we welcome as it is a perfect fit for our mission of improved healthcare access and service,” Morse said.

The HDB Service Group, Inc. and The Community Care Clinic are adjacent Baptist Hospital Northeast at 1025 Sanibel Way, Suite E and F, La Grange. Call 222-6400 or visit www.hdbservicegroup.com for information.