City passes Ad Valorum Tax

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By Zach Osowski

La Grange City Council met Sept. 3 for the first time after passing the compensation tax and discovering an error in the amount the city was paying for employee's health insurance.

After having large turnouts for the past few meetings with a compensation tax and incorporation on the table, this meeting was lightly attended.

The city approved a renewal of an Ad Valorum tax during the meeting, passing it unanimously. Mayor Bill Lammlein said the rates are not increasing and have not for a few years.

Lammlein also took some time to officially address the health insurance oversight which was discovered in the middle of August.

In September of last year, the council enacted an ordinance increasing the amount city employees paid on their health insurance from 5 percent to ten percent. Lammlein said the ordinance was incorrectly applied by the agency that runs their books and resulted in the city paying an extra $12,000 to the employees. He also made it clear he didn't think the employees were at fault for not noticing.

"It doesn't surprise me at all that no one noticed," Lammlein said. Adding there was a pay raise and a deduction in the overall cost of the health care plans around the same time.

The mayor has said before he doesn't think the employees should be required to pay the money back to the city, but other council members, including Jason Taylor, said the city should get the money back.

Council member Tom Goldsmith said he just wants guidelines put in place so this doesn't happen again.

 The council decided not to make a decision at the meeting. Instead, Lammlein approved the formation of a committee, headed by Taylor, to review the mistake more closely and come back to the council with a proposal for what to do.