City budget includes $50K donation to school

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By Laura Hagan

Members of the La Grange City Council heard a second reading of the city’s annual budget at their meeting on Monday. Since its first reading, at the council’s meeting in May, there have been some line item changes.

Revenues and expenses for the 2009-10 budget each total $4,481,290. 

Council member Jason Taylor said those line items changed are in areas that are already “well-padded and well above what has actually been spent in those areas the past few years.”

Council members trimmed the mayor’s discretionary fund and eliminated the council’s discretionary fund. With those savings, the budget committee allotted remaining funds for line items including: 

•extra funds for recycling; 

•$5,000 for a litter cleanup program; 

•$30,000 for HDB Service Group – the medical bus transport service in La Grange; 

•a one-time $50,000 donation to the La Grange Elementary School – which Taylor said is due to the school district’s budget cuts; 

•a $4,000 payment for the One Call Now emergency notification program; 

•an overdue payment of $48,000 owed to the Ballardsville Fire Department; and 

•debt service of more than $18,000.

Council members voted to approve the budget, with Joe Davenport and Wally Nay voting against it.