Cell tower no longer an issue in Pewee Valley

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By Alix Mattingly


Concerned citizens of Pewee Valley can rest easy as telecommunications tower will not be installed in their town, according to the pastor of the church where the proposed tower would have been located.

Salem Assembly of God Pastor Dan Collard said AT&T notified him approximately two weeks ago that they had not chosen the lot behind his church to erect a new telecommunications tower.

“It’s over, it’s done and I’m sure its nothing these folks will have to worry about again,” Collard said.

Collard added he would pass on any future offers to build cell towers behind the church.

In a Jan. 27 letter from AT&T addressed to Pewee Valley Mayor Bob Rogers, AT&T representative Nancy Jarett said she wanted “to reinforce that neither AT&T nor anyone on its behalf has filed an application to construct a new cell tower in Pewee Valley.

And while I cannot predict how we will meet consumer demand over the long term, at present we have no plans to file an application for new cell tower construction in Pewee Valley’s Historical District.”

Jarett did not cite a reason why Pewee Valley was not chosen.

“I have a lot of people to thank, mostly the community for their hard work,” Rogers said. “We have a great team on board, maybe they had a change of heart.”

The city had unanimously voted at its December meeting to “actively and rigorously oppose the location” of a wireless telecommunications facility, according to documents provided by the city attorney, John Singler.

The tower would have been constructed at 209 La Grange Road, behind the Salem Assembly of God Church.

The property is adjacent to the two historic districts in Pewee Valley, the Ashwood Avenue Historic District and the Central Avenue Historic District, which is one of the reasons city leaders and residents are upset. The tower, if it were built, would also be viewable from other historic locations and the scenic by-ways in Pewee Valley.

“I’m really thrilled about the cell tower change in location and the fact that this is not going to be happening close to the historic district,” Rogers said.

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