Cautionary Tale

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You must be leery of remodeling contractors, or any other contractors for that matter.  I have never seen such an economy with so many people needing work and then there are these guys who overpromise and under deliver.  They take what money they can, don’t finish the job and then leave.  My 76-year-old mother, who lives in Pleasureville, has contracted three people to finish her house.  All three, one of which was her own son, left the job incomplete, but was happy to take her money.  They all three confessed to being Christians.  Now, my mother being a true Christian didn’t see this coming.  She even had contracts drawn up, but the problem with this is, if the company or the person has no money or no assets; suing them does not help.  Even though there are attempts currently suing them, chances are she will not get her money returned to her at all.  

 A business in LaGrange (which by the way is not even a true registered company), scammed her for thousands of dollars.  The owner promised so many new updates, started most of them and left them all incomplete.  Mom has her things piled in her garage and in the different rooms of the house because he had started these projects and did not finish them.  She had a written contract with him.  She called him and even went to his house, but to no avail.  

Another local company started in where the first company left off.  They had a verbal contract on the start of the work of the siding.  He promised to finish the incomplete work left by the previous contractor.  He was supposed to give her a written contract on the day he came to work on the inside of the house.  He too, had taken the deposit for materials and initial labor that Mom had given him and has not returned our calls. 

 I question myself as to the integrity of these gentlemen.  I wonder how they can sleep at night knowing they have left holes in my mother’s floor, bathroom with no finished plumbing, dryer sitting in middle of the kitchen floor, wires literally left dangling out of sockets and light fixtures... and took her money that she makes on a fixed income.  Are there any honest people out there anymore looking for honest work?

Everyone, especially elderly people, please watch out for these scammers.  They promise to fix your problems and they may even give you a written contract, but many of them don’t finish and suing them does not typically get your money back.  Make sure your company is reputable.  You will probably end up paying more, but you will get the work done in the end.   Don’t end up like my mother who has an unfinished house and not a lot of money left.

Tammy Murphy, Pleasureville, KY