Candidate bios: PVA

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Name: Albert Harrison

Campaign website/Facebook page: www.harrisonforpva.com


Campaign phone: 523-8212

Education: Eastern High School (1961); University of Louisville, B.A. (1965)

Relevant experience/community involvement: Small business owner since 1974; formerly elected County Surveyor (3 terms); former member of Oldham County Planning Commission; former member and treasurer of Oldham/La Grange Development Authority; former chair of Oldham County Reapportionment Committee; former member of county task force to review fire district structure, policy and procedures and professional land surveyor since 1970

Why are you the best


My surveying experience for more than a half-century gives me a perspective of the land in Oldham County that is both different and beneficial. The experience of surveying and mapping large tracts of land provides me with a hands-on knowledge of the topography and value of undeveloped land. Additionally, I have helped create multiple subdivisions, both residential and commercial, that enable me to understand and appreciate the development process. As an analytical professional with a highly technical and mathematical background, I am able to appreciate the comparative values of both developed and undeveloped land. Having staked hundreds of houses for construction, reading a set of house plans is routine in my business. My extensive leadership training in the U.S. Army and experience as a combat platoon leader in Vietnam provides me with very solid skills and abilities. Reading and actually drawing maps are vital parts of my surveying career. In my campaign efforts I have stood on the front porches of more than 3,000 homes in all areas of Oldham County. My experience extends much farther than merely sitting in an office and staring at a computer monitor.

Top issue in your race?

Of all the offices and positions in the county, this is the one that has the most impact on every taxpayer, for this is where the tax process begins. The person in this office must be one in whom the taxpayers have complete trust and confidence. That trust must be founded on honesty and strength of character and the taxpayers must feel confident that they will all be treated with fairness and impartiality. It is also important that they be treated at all times with courtesy and respect by the administrator and his staff. Having had a top security clearance as an Army officer and having testified successfully as an expert witness in circuit courts in four different counties, my credibility has never been questioned. At the same time, I have inherited from my parents and their parents an abiding sense of fairness at all times. That sense of fairness is always tempered with common sense and those combined qualities lead directly to the trust and confidence that is so necessary in the office of property valuation administrator.

Name: Barbara A. Winters

Campaign Website / Facebook: Elect Barbara A. Winters for Oldham County PVA

Campaign phone: 502-727-7946

Education: 1986 graduate of Oldham County High School, Residential Appraiser, Certified Kentucky Assessor and Senior Kentucky Assessors Designations.

Relevant experience / community involvement: I have worked for the Oldham County PVA office for the past nine years and served as the Chief Deputy since 2006. I currently hold a Residential Appraisers License as well as a Certified and Senior Kentucky Assessors Designation.

I currently serve as Chairwomen of the Oldham County Historical Gala and the Oldham County Geographic Information Consortium. I also serve on the Cedar Lake Lodge Human Rights Board. I have previously worked with Oldham County Dollars for Scholars and Oldham County Project Graduation.

Why are you the best candidate?

Experience speaks for itself. This is not a job you need to learn as you go. The assessments in Oldham County not only affects our county and cities, but our school board, fire departments, libraries etc. This job is too important to leave to someone who has no experience. I have trained for over 11 years for this job. I have taken the classes, physically done the job and have the training to do it correctly. I have represented the PVA in Local Board of Tax Appeals as well as State Board of Tax Appeals. I have not sat around waiting to see if I can get elected to learn this job. You have never and will never hear the words “I will hire someone to do the work from me.” I will be the one doing the job, I will earn the paycheck and for these reasons I am the only truly qualified experienced candidate.

Top issue in your race?

The top issue in this race is experience and qualifications. There is nothing else. My opponent does not nor has he ever assessed a piece of property in Oldham County or anywhere for that matter. I have worked for the past nine years in this office and performed the duties of assessing property. I have the experience it takes to run this office efficiently and will continue to bring fairness to all the people of Oldham County.