Candidate bios: County Attorney

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Name: John K. Carter

Website: JohnKCarter.com

Facebook: John K. Carter Oldham County Attorney

Campaign phone: (502) 741-4326

Education: Juris Doctorate, University of Louisville; Bachelor of Arts (English Literature), Kentucky Southern College

Relevant Experience/Community Involvement: I am the only candidate in this race with the experience to perform the duties of Oldham County Attorney with competence. As your elected Oldham County Attorney (2011-Present), a former District Court Judge (1978-1990) and a Special Circuit Court Judge, I have handled thousands of criminal cases in the Kentucky Court System. In 45 years of practicing law, I have gained an extensive background in civil litigation allowing me to provide competent legal advice to Oldham Fiscal Court. As a former FBI Special Agent in Minneapolis and New York City (Counter-Espionage Division), I have top investigative experience over complex criminal matters. I have been a member of the Louisville-Jefferson County Criminal Justice Commission; the Louisville Bar Association, Board of Directors; Rosehaven (La Grange) Board of Directors; the Association of Former FBI Agents, Louisville chapter, and the National Rifle Association (NRA). I am a member of Okolona Baptist Church, where my father has been pastor for the past 62 years.

Why are you the best candidate?

The Oldham County Attorney’s Office maintains the highest standards of achievement and professionalism. Our DUI conviction rate is 92 percent (3rd highest in Kentucky), making our roads safer. In 2011, I instituted a zero-tolerance policy requiring all school-related drug offenses be sent directly to court. This keeps school personnel involved at all stages of the proceedings and has reduced school drug incidents by 54 percent in three years. Our child support division has collected over 7 million dollars in child support, winning statewide performance awards each year. In 2013, we also started an insurance monitoring program requiring uninsured motorists to maintain automobile insurance. Please visit OldhamCountyAttorney.com for more information about the services we provide.

This is a Republican Primary. I am the only conservative Republican candidate for county attorney. Galen Clark openly supported Barack Obama for President in 2012, posting on his Facebook page his opinion that Obama stands on the side of the just. Oldham Fiscal Court does not need advice on expenditure of taxpayer monies from a county attorney who supports the tax and spend policies of Obama. Mr. Clark clearly does not believe in Republican principles, further evidenced by his support of my Democratic opponent in the 2010 election.

Top issue in your race?

Experience and competency. My opponent has no experience suited for the office of county attorney. Never a prosecutor or judge, he has virtually no criminal law experience. In fact, Galen Clark has represented only two clients in criminal cases in Oldham County in the last 15 years. During the 2010 primary, he pledged to earmark child support monies to pay for school drug programs, a significant misuse of federal and state funds disbursed and audited specifically for child support purposes. This demonstrates a lack of ability to competently advise our fiscal court in the management of taxpayer money.

The county attorney’s office advises fiscal court and most county agencies in civil matters. Our office prosecutes all traffic and misdemeanor criminal cases, preliminary hearings on felony cases, all juvenile cases, delinquent child support obligations, paternity establishment and disability guardianship cases. We also initiate all criminal complaints and search warrants in Oldham County. Through hard work in these areas, I am proudly endorsed for re-election by the Oldham County Fraternal Order of Police, the UAW and by the Republican leadership of Oldham County, including the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, the Oldham County-Judge Executive, the Oldham County Clerk and the Oldham County Circuit Clerk.

Name: Galen L. Clark

Campaign Phone: 502-228-8829

Campaign website: galenclark.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Galen-Clark-for-Oldham-County-Attorney/10... Twitter: @ClarkforOCA

Education: University of Louisville – Bachelor of Arts in Biology; Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary – Master of Divinity Studies; University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law – Juris Doctorate

Relevant Experience/Community Involvement: Member of Kentucky, Indiana, and Louisville Bar Associations; St. John United Methodist Church; Boy Scouts of America – Assistant Scoutmaster; La Grange Rotary Club; Oldham County Youth Football – former Coach; South Oldham Little League – former Coach; Upward and YMCA Basketball – former Coach; PTSA North Oldham Middle School; PTSA North Oldham High School; Leadership Oldham County – Class of 2003 graduate; Veterans Memorial Park of Kentucky – Board Member

Why are you the best candidate?

I will bring integrity, honesty and competence back to the County Attorney Office. I have represented Fortune 500 companies for years and will provide Fiscal Court sound advice to prevent legal actions like those that have cost us taxpayers in the past. I am recognized as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Kentucky. Mr. Carter was formerly a judge in Louisville and consistently received the lowest rankings by the Louisville Bar Association surveys.

I am a gun owner – believe in 2nd amendment rights – and practice gun safety. Mr. Carter was nearly arrested for shooting his neighbors house. The police investigation indicated Mr. Carter was drinking and target shooting in his back yard prompting his neighbor to call 911. Not safe gun use for someone who prides himself for three years as an FBI agent. I believe drinking and shooting is as dangerous as drinking and driving.

Mr. Carter is claiming a 54 percent reduction in drug use in schools though “his” zero tolerance drug policy. Our schools have always had a zero tolerance policy. Mr. Carter is wrongly giving himself credit for a program started in 2008 by the Assistant Superintendant of Oldham County Schools and the Principal of Buckner Alternative High School, who enlisted the support of Our Lady of Peace, Operation Parent, and Oldham District Court, to offer drug use evaluation and treatment to students. I believe in team play and giving credit to those who deserve it.

Top issue in your race?

I will make sure that every county agency has access to – and representation by – the county attorney’s office. Currently, there are county agencies needlessly spending tax dollars to hire outside lawyers because Mr. Carter is not providing legal service to the agencies as county attorney. I will meet with all agencies to represent their legal needs.

Transparency and communication is important. I encourage citizens to form a watch group to monitor criminal prosecutions. I will set aside time to meet with such groups to answer questions and provide insight into the legal system. I will also start an “Ask the County Attorney” night for once a month public meetings for questions and answers and to understand your concerns with the County Attorney Office.

Police officers tell me the current county attorney fails to include their input when making plea bargains. Police and victims should have a say in attempts to settle criminal cases by way of plea bargains. I promise to include police and victims in the process. I also will not berate an officer for calling me after hours for a legal opinion as I have heard now happens. I will be available 24/7.

I believe in today’s youth and know they need guidance in making correct choices. If elected, I will partner with local agencies to offer education and support to youth in their early years to ward off legal problems before they happen.

“Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” I will provide forums to answer frequently asked questions about the law. Our local ordinances need to be indexed and made widely available so citizens are aware of these lesser known laws.

The County Attorney Office collects delinquent child support under a contract with the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services; and is paid by the cabinet for this service. I will continue to pursue child support collection and help the collection staff by modernizing the system to be more efficient.