Candidate bios: Constable

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Constable, District 1

Name: Stuart Strickler

Education: BA, Political Science/Furman University/June 1985

Paralegal Degree/National Center for Paralegal Training/May 1986, Master of Education/University of Louisville/December, 1993

Relevant experience/community involvement: Resident of Oldham County since 1990. Appointed District 1 Constable in May, 2010; elected to full term in November, 2010. St. John UMC. OC Police Citizens Academy, 2009. FBI Citizens Academy, 2011.

Why are you the best candidate?

Throughout my professional career and time as constable, I’ve built a positive relationship with the law enforcement agencies in Oldham County. My goal is to continue that relationship and serve the residents of District 1.

Top issue in your race?

The top issue really is what role constables will have in Oldham County. Fiscal Court and the State Legislature will ultimately decide this.

NOTE: Candidate James Corley did not return a questionnaire.

Constable, District 2

Name: John Detherage

Campaign phone: 502-228-3924

Education: KCTCS in school now for associates, KY Fire instructor, UK 60 hours, High school graduate

Relevant experience/community involvement: Farmer, business owner, volunteer firefighter, volunteer with police, Soil & water Conservation District Board

Why are you the best candidate?

I have 10 years volunteer training with the Louisville Metro Police as a hazmat technician for the Joint Emergency Services Unit. I have extensive training in the field with officers who have various specialties in radiation, chemicals and biological weapons. The team structure is made up of officers and others with technical skills to utilize force protection in a contaminated or potentially contaminated environment. Concurrently I have 10 years on the NOFD and five years with EMA. I appreciate the complexities that police officers face everyday.

Top issue in your race?

Constables are elected but have no clear job. The state Constitution declares them peace officers and swears them into office as such. There is no standardized training, education or field support for these free officers. That means no radio to contact the dispatch office (OCD) in the event of backup being needed. More importantly, every officer needs education to understand the limits of the law and how to conduct law enforcement legally.

Constables should be required to pass a law enforcement school equal to the one the Oldham County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputies complete in Jefferson County. The reserve deputies are volunteers who commit themselves to law enforcement for the benefit of the County. Our Constables can do the same.

“…Section 106, Constables will possess the same qualification as the sheriffs and may exercise jurisdiction in any part of the county. (OAG 62-115 and 40-776).”

Fiscal Court could help make this happen, up to eight FREE peace officers to help out during I-71 shutdowns, community events, declared emergencies etc.

If they don’t have a productive job consistent with the parameters of the office, then the office needs to be eliminated.

NOTE: Candidate Charles Kimberl did not return a questionnaire.

Constable, District 3

Name: Barry Laws

Facebook: Laws4Constable

Campaign Phone: 502-741-8882

Education: UC Santa Barbara, Gavin DeBecker Threat Assessment Training, Dept of Homeland Security Active Shooter Training, KY Dept of Criminal Justice Training Conceal Carry Instructor Trainer, Glock Firearms Instructor, NRA Firearms Instructor, numerous firearms instruction schools.

Relevant experience / community involvement: Barry Laws is Constable for District 3 and served prior as Constable for District 8. He has been a board member on the Oldham County Chamber of Commerce and Oldham County Tourism. As Master Trainer and CEO of Openrange, he has been responsible for the safety training and the Conceal Carry permits of tens of thousands of local Kentuckians. Openrange, under Barry’s vision, has made Oldham County a world-wide destination for safety education and recreation.

Why are you the best candidate?

Creating a test Virtual Neighborhood Watch for our district was a start. I need to continue to refine our smartphone system to expand a free, easy, interactive, security tool for all my constituents.

Top issue in your race?

Innovation. Constables are an outdated, unused, and underperforming group. I have used innovation to bring life and respect to this position. Anything less is nothing at all.

NOTE: Candidate Loren Johnson, Jr. did not return a questionnaire.

Constable, District 5

Name: Lloyd “ Sparky“ Sparks

Campaign Phone: (502) 727-3056

Education: High School Graduate, 1/2 year Purdue University, one year University of Illinois, 7th Army NCO Academy, Germany

Relevant Experience/Community Involvement: I first moved to Oldham County in 1984. I was a member of the U.S. Army for six years and 10 months. In the U.S. Army I achieved the Rank of Staff Sergeant (SSG) in less than five years. I served one year in the Kentucky National Guard after my Army Service. Honorably Discharged from both the Army and National Guard. I hold a Concealed Carry License and I have held a Concealed Carry Instructors License. I am a current member of the NRA, the La Grange American Legion Post and the Oldham County Republican Party.

Why are you the best candidate?

I have been an Oldham County resident for over 15 years. Having served in the military I am familiar with discipline and following, as well as giving orders. I am retired so I will be able to donate the time required to fulfill the duties assigned me.

As a long time small business owner and long time volunteer in the community I feel that I know the needs of the community and will serve with respect and cooperation. I will look to a resource for the constituents.

Top issues in your race?

I am a conservative and as such I believe in limited government and limited interference with the people. I will not look for ways to assert myself on the community and only exercise the tasks assigned me and not exceed the authority granted to the office of constable. I will assist the county government as requested within the law and the authority provided to the office I hold. I feel that there are many duties where the constable can assist without interfering in the work of our law enforcement agencies.

NOTE: Candidate Tim Kollenberg did not return a questionnaire.

Constable, District 8

Name: Barry L. Wilding

Campaign phone: (502) 641-5070

Education: BA Transylvania University, three semesters UofL Law School

Relevant experience/community involvement: Past volunteer service with Civil Air Patrol Emergency Services, Foster Care Review Board, Oldham County Police Chaplain, and various church organizations. My wife and I currently serve as volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), and I assist with cases in Oldham County Family Court involving abused and/or neglected children.

Why are you the best candidate?

For the past eight years I have worked for a private police agency performing duties related to public functions (parades and festivals), corporate security, school activities, and safety for utility company work zones. I have specialized training in traffic control that could be utilized during interstate highway shutdowns and past emergency services experience useful in supporting professional police agencies.

Top issue in your race?

The office of constable is an unpaid position and I believe my dedication to volunteer service can be valuable in augmenting the less critical duties of our paid, professional law enforcement agencies in times of tight budgets and limited staffing, especially during community emergencies. For many years, the constable has functioned mostly as an honorary position. I am more interested in helping out in times of need than simply riding in parades.

Name: George Lee Parrish

Campaign Website: george4constable.com

Campaign Phone: (502) 817-3463

Education: Graduate of Oldham County School System, University of Louisville course work, Life and Health Insurance Licensing, extensive training on hazardous materials including radiation, and possess a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) with all endorsements. I have had FBI clearance to haul top munitions for the military and coins for the Treasury Department.

Relevant experience/ Community involvement:

2006 Oldham Countian of the Year recipient; 2008 Oldham Countian Living Treasure; Lifetime member Harrods Creek Baptist Church; President Brownsboro Community Center 34 years; Trustee Brownsboro Community Center 32 years; Chairman Brownsboro Community Festival 34 years; Charter member Brownsboro Area Task Force Planning and Zoning Committee, including two years on the Plan and adopting the plan; Active in the Brownsboro 4-H Club, including as past President; Instrumental in the causing of the Brownsboro Community Center. If the corporation ever ceases, to pass to Oldham County Kentucky and to be held for the Brownsboro 4-H club and the Poplar Grove Homemakers Club.

Why are you the best candidate?

I have years of great on-the-job knowledge of Oldham County’s people and most of their properties. I also, have good, long-standing working relationships with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, which gives me a great advantage in protecting and serving the people of district 8 and their properties.

I have also been active in the solving of local crimes, of burglaries, intrusions, peeping toms and including directly helping the Commonwealth Attorney’s in solving the Lynch murder case on Covered Bridge Road.

I was instrumental in securing of funds to purchase property for the widening of Hall’s Hill, KY 1817, in 1988.

Top issues in your race?

I will continue to work to elect county officials who will put Oldham County back on solid financial ground. Also, some administrative offices need to be more professional such as the Boards of Adjustment and Appeals so they are not influenced by special interest groups.

Especially in my district, which is fast growing, I will continue to strive to make the roads safer as I was instrumental in doing in 1988 when I helped to obtain funds to purchase property for widening Hall’s Hill on KY 1817.

I have enjoyed serving the public all these years without monetary compensation. I look forward to continuing that service for another term making Oldham County a better and safer place to live, work and play.