Campers get a taste of everything

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By Mickey Patterson

BUCKNER - The campers at this week’s Oldham County Youth Football Association Camp got a little a bit of everything.

More than 120 campers shift between three offensive and three defensive stations where they work linebacker drills with Oldham County head coach Matt Brown, running back drills with North Oldham’s Billy Martin and passing sets with South Oldham’s Clay Holbrook.

In addition there are offensive and defensive line sessions and a defensive back station with assistant coaches and local high school players.

“We kind of show them a little bit of everything we do as far as some NFL and college drills like the shuttle run and working with the dummies,” Brown said. “We try to stress fundamentals at each station and at the same time let them get a taste of everything.”

Brown said there is good reason to stress the diversity of drills.

“You never know what these kids will look like five years down the road,” Brown said. “Some of the backs are going to turn into linemen and some of the linemen will thin out and turn into backs as they get older.”

The high school players also get a chance to learn as they teach.

“I have to say they do a really good job, all of them,” Brown said. “I think when they have to step on our side of the line they may get a deeper respect for what their coaches are doing with them. It’s really kind of neat to step back where we can actually see them teaching what we teach them every day.”


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