Burn Outside The Lines

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By The Staff

Open burning is prohibited starting Friday through Sept. 30 in areas of Oldham County designated by the Environmental Protection Agency as moderate non-attainment air quality for ozone. 

Sections of Oldham County outside the non-attainment zone, as outlined in red above, may continue open burning, as long as residents follow the Oldham’s open burning ordinance in effect since Dec. 2005. All Oldham County fire chiefs have the authority by Judge-Executive Duane Murner to cite residents in violation of the ordinance.  Two important requirements to remember when conducting an open burning are that residents must notify Oldham County Dispatch (222-0111) prior to the burn, and the fire must remain attended at all times, until completely extinguished.  The penalties for violation of the open burning ordinance range from $50 to $1,000.  For information, residents are asked to call representatives from their fire protection district or Oldham County Emergency Management officials.