Brownsboro Alliance hosts polo event

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Muggy weather and plenty of rain wouldn’t stop the Brownsboro Alliance Benefit Polo Match this weekend as nearly 300 onlookers traveled to Crestwood on Saturday for a little fun and a lot of fundraising.

They certainly got plenty of both as fans tailgated in the hours leading up to a lively match on a slick field between the Brownsboro and Crab Orchard polo clubs

Though the Brownsboro Club went on to defeat Crab Orchard 6-5, the real winner is the city of Brownsboro, who will see increased improvements as a result of donations.

“It wasn’t somebody saying ‘Oh, we beat you,’ or that type of thing,” said Cathy Roberts, executive director of the Brownsboro Alliance.

“They were out there to support the community of Brownsboro and they showed what Brownsboro is about with the quality of horses they have there and the beauty of the horse farm. 

“The atmosphere was just wonderful.”

The Brownsboro Alliance, a not-for-profit organization, hosted the event in an effort to “renew and reconnect the economy, environment and people of Brownsboro into a sustainable, innovative rural community.”


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