Baking a difference for dogs

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By The Staff

As dogs in Briar Hill subdivision enjoy homemade biscuits, homeless pets receive the help they need. 

10-year-old Madison Jones, her younger brother, Parker, and her friend, Cassie Lund, have been baking and selling dog biscuits to raise money for the Animal Care Society.

Madison said she’s always loved animals. For her ninth birthday, she asked that in lieu of gifts guests bring items to donate to the animal shelter. 

This August, Madison and Cassie said they were struck by the devastating effects of flooding to the Kentucky Humane Society in downtown Louisville. 

From this incident they came up with the idea to bake biscuits and sell them to neighbors, donating the money to an animal shelter.

These aren’t typical dog biscuits. 

Following a recipe from Bullwrinkle.com, Madison and Cassie made sure to use natural, wholesome ingredients such as whole wheat flour and chicken broth.

After an hour of baking, cooling, and packaging, the girls walked door-to-door through the subdivision with a wagon full of their dog biscuits.

“It’s hard work but it’s worth it,” said Madison. “Half of it’s the neighbors. We couldn’t do it without them.”

Even those neighbors without dogs have graciously donated money to their cause.

“I thought that it was a great idea and wanted to support their efforts. I was surprised that my dog, usually a picky eater, actually liked the biscuits,” Jones’ neighbor, Kellie Ahern said.

Selling the biscuits took several afternoons, but in the end, the girls – with Parker’s help – raised $65. They donated their funds to the Animal Care Society on Westport Road in Louisville. 

Representatives from the Animal Care Society said the girls went the extra mile.

“With the way the economy is, it was really impressive that the girls were willing to donate the money. We were really touched,” they wrote. 

“It’s fun because everyone (the neighbors) is so nice,” said Cassie. “We hope we’ll give other kids the idea to do something.”