Apple Patch race closes local races

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By Mark Brockman

I participated with about 80 other members of Crestwood Baptist Church at the IronMan Triathlon on Aug. 31.No, we didn’t swim 2.4 miles, ride our bikes 112 miles and then run 26.2 miles like the actual participants. We volunteered. Soaking up the hot August sun while providing water, sports drink and energy food to the athletes along the bike route on Old Sligo Road.Watching the elite athletes sail smoothly through our aid station on bicycles that cost more than my car, made me envy their strength and confidence.Watching the “average Joe’s” pedal through a little later was much more inspiring.No, these determined riders who rolled along at the middle of the pack on back, didn’t have “Ferrari” bikes. Some were even dressed in t-shirts and baggy shorts. One is a friend of mine and fellow Oldham Countian named Shannon Snider. Way to go man!Anyway, it made me think of you great people that have been training through the summer and participating in the Oldham County Grand Slam. The Grand Slam is a series of four 5K events that total 20 kilometers – for comparative value the IronMan covers close to 230 kilometers, but hey, who’s counting?The point I’m trying to make here is that in Oldham County we have some metal too. I’ve been trying to come up with an appropriate type of metal since iron is already taken.The appropriate metal to add to the names of those who will complete all four Grand Slam events for 2008; should we call you a “pewter” person, “aluminum” women, “slightly ferrous” man, “ingot” girl or maybe “copper” boy?Help me out here; pick the one that you think fits you most and announce that you are that person during the awards celebration after the Apple Patch race.The Oldham County Grand Slam is about a healthier lifestyle for you, as well as getting fit, and most of all having fun. Jump in on Sept. 13 and enter the last leg for 2008.Make it your springboard to the 2009 Grand Slam. For more information on the Oldham County Grand Slam go towww.OCGrandSlam.com.Don’t forget, we’ll determine the winning team for the first annual Public Servant’s Challenge too. The La Grange Police have a lead, but the Oldham County Police squad will have something for them on race day.Come out to Brownsboro at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday and cheer on your favorite runner. I’ll see you at the finish line.

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