After the storm

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By The Staff

He hoped for only 30 seconds, but outage lasted 5 days

Hurricane Ike left 80 percent of Kentucky without power, and when high winds dropped power lines across Oldham County, Zachary Clark of Crestwood and his family were watching a movie. At first they though the power would come back in 30 seconds or so, and waited on the couch.

“Then our two dogs came out and started chasing each other around our coffee table, round and round they went,” he said. But the dogs finally got tired. His family performed a talent show, and then made breakfast for dinner on the gas stove. They sat outside, visited neighbors during their time without power. Five days later, electricity came back.

“Come to think of it, life with no power, it was no fun at all,” Clark wrote.

Lack of power means plenty of time for chores

Tyler Scaff said his parents, Carole and Walter Scaff, met their needs with only a handful of comfort items at their La Grange home during the power outage.

“... My family’s necessities were met by a kerosene mini-burner, a grill, a pocket fan, oil lamps, Monopoly and Scrabble,” he said. “My father and I would often sit around, trying to think of something to do after cleaning up all of the debris outside our house and doing all other chores that we could do without electricity.

“My mother was at work, but when she came home, it was to a pitch-black house save for the light, refrigerator, CD player, and freezer that were powered by our generator outside.”