• DONNA'S BARNS AND SHEDS 20 plus models to choose from. Rent to own, many models under $100 mo. Open Mon-Fri Call 502-240-2022 or come see us at 6419 Railroad Ave, Crestwood www.donnasbarns andsheds.com

  • MAUSOLEUM CRYPT (2 adult spaces) Louisville Gardens East. Priced to sell. Call for more info 502-241-4315

  • PEDAL CARS FOR SALE Pedal cars & tractors, 7 fire engines, 1 Cadillac, 4 John Deeres, and many, many more. All are between 50 and 65 models. (Call for pricing & kind). (502) 643-0501.

  • SLEEP & SAVE Tired of waking up tired? It's your mattress that is causing the problem. SLEEP better with a quality mattress. Name Brands All NEW at half the price! Limited Quantity! Call (502) 639-3870

  • SOFA BED - Orange brown w/green, good condition, $200. Call (502) 241-7155.